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  1. Does Automenu work with Windows 95?
  2. Is Automenu a Shareware program?

Does Automenu work with Windows 95?

No, not really. You can't use Automenu to start your computer and then switch between Windows 95 and DOS applications. You could use Automenu as a menu system for your DOS applications inside a DOS window. You would install the Automenu files on your system and create a shortcut to run AUTO.BAT. So when you click on this shortcut it will start Automenu in a DOS window.

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Is Automenu a Shareware program?

Yes and No. Automenu was released in 1983 as a Shareware product. Version 1.0 - 4.7 were available as Shareware. Version 5.0 was not released as a Shareware product. Shareware is a marketing concept which means you can try the product before purchasing it.

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19 November 1998